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Driving to Yee Hong Hights in a Shorter Route

Recommended driving route from Lowu to Yee Hong Heights (Shenzhen) listed on the website should be a little bit tricky, for there are six traffic lights on the street in Yim Tin Hui between the destination and the freeway exit. It should be better to get off the Beishan exit, and back into the freeway to the west, through the U-turn. Very soon on your right hand side you can notice the sign leading to High School of Shenzhen Foreign Languages School. Supposing you drive from Lowu by the free way, this should be a good option, as there is only one crossing, and one traffic light. On public holidays you are definitely going to be stuck on the freeway, or jammed in streets around here. I would rather to visit the Yee Hong Heights through Yanpai Toll Way from the North.