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Genogram Template Ruler Plate: 8.8 Yuan to Draw Family Trees

Genograms are essential tools for psychotherapy and psycho-counseling. Unlike general family trees, genograms display emotional relationships and interactions among family members. By making this chart, psychotherapists and counselors are able to identify and understand vital factors related to patients and their family members. Without this diagram, mental health professionals could hardly conduct effective counseling. Only a master-level psychotherapist, such as HU Chi-yi (胡赤怡), PhD and M.D., could lead a family to their solution without any genograms on paper.
8.8 Yuan/ea Genogram Template Ruler Plate

Genograms are drawn with squares, circles, and lines to indicate conflicts, alliances, and status. However, drawing by hand can be challenging. One could be an experienced consultant rather than an illustrator. For quite a time, I have always drawn irregular and wavy figures. It also happens when I draw genograms. Weeks ago I was in a supervision for counseling . During it I learned that i-pencil could also draw genograms by Notability, an iOS app. Sadly, again I drew zigzag and wavy lines and symbols.

Another solution is using paid software to make genograms. But prices range from $49 to $215, far beyond my fee for counseling - 200rmb per 30 minutes/maximum. Since I'm not a freelance practitioner, eventually I could earn about 60 yuan per visitor. Then I found a ruler template few days ago whist I was browsing Jingdong - a B2C online shopping platform. I caught sight of the template. There are various sizes of circles and squares as holes. And there's a zigzag line in the ruler template. Bingo! With these three basic shapes, I could draw genogram at a lowest price. The template ruler plate costs 8.8 yuan for each!

Illustration of Genogram Family Tree