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Install SSD on HP desktop

I've added a solid state drive to my desktop HP TPC-W032-SF, which also goes by Slimline 270-p0xx, all alone by myself. The procedure of upgrading M.2 SSD is easy to be grabbed, and hiring a technician does not necessitate. The first step is the insertion of an M.2 SSD. Before this, locating the socket 3 which matches M.2 SSD is important. It should be sited around the mainboard supply, and next to a PCI socked. Then insert the SSD chip, and tighten it with a tiny screw across its end on the mainboard. Now use recovery mode to move the Windows 10 from the origin hard-disk to the new SSD. To start with, insert an USB with a storage size with at least 30 gigabytes. The next step is clicking Create a recovery drive . Within 1 hour the booting application could be transferred to the USB. The boot the computer with BIOS already set to boot with USB , while the recovery disk is still plugged in. The last step is easy, however it costs me around 2 hours to restored all the operating syste